How Excess Weight Affects Your Health

Excess pounds do more than increase your weight-they increase your risk of major health problems. People who are overweight or obese are more likely to have HEART DISEASE, STROKES, DIABETES, CANCER, and DEPRESSION. If you are pregnant, excess weight may lead to short- and long-term health problems for you and your child

Fortunately, losing weight can reduce your risk of developing some of these problems. This fact sheet tells you more about the links between excess weight and many health conditions. It also explains how reaching and maintaining a normal weight may help you and your loved ones stay healthier as you grow oldermindtechnology






How Can I Tell If I Weigh Too Much?

Gaining a few pounds during the year may not seem like a big deal. But these pounds can add up over time. How can you tell if your weight could increase your chances of developing health problems? Knowing two numbers may help you understand your risk, promote-news